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Web Design: Bright Salt Media Labs

I designed the website for Bright Salt Media, a digital media company that I’m a part of. A few aspects of this project were:

  • Hiring a logo designer and working with him to make a good logo
  • Starting with a Genesis wordpress theme and heavily customizing it to suit our needs
  • Integrating photos, icons, and copy to convey a powerful message
  • Organizing copy and page elements to guide the visitor on the journey we want them to experience

Graphic Design: Travel Trailer Site

I wrote and designed this guide for a trailer website I’m a part of. I wrote the guide, used Photoshop to design it, then coded it with pure HTML and CSS.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.51.35 PM

Web Design: James Trent Visual Media

I wanted to create a separate website for my visual media portfolio. This contains examples of my photography, video, and time lapse work. Over the course of a week, I designed the site in Photoshop and coded it with nothing but a text editor. It’s made with pure HTML and CSS.

Graphic Design: Earl Palmer Ministries

I did a project with Earl Palmer Ministries, filming a 7-session conference to be used as educational material online. A large part of the project was packaging the content in a simple, functional way. I designed the above image for the introduction at the beginning of each video session. I also designed other materials as part of the final media package.